1. Objective

Our main objective is to enable students to master the skills of writing, reading, speaking, and listening and help them to be confident in their use of English in daily lives. Our school-based curriculum and activities nurture students to become independent learners who employ English language to enrich their daily lives.


2. School-based English Curriculum

Space Town Literacy Programme

For Key Stage 1 (P.1-P.3), a program developed by the EDB NET Scheme is implemented. The focus is on developing students’ holistic English learning skills and the activities can guide students to empower themselves to become self-directed learners.

Book Reading Programme

For Key Stage 2 (P.4-P.6), a school-based reading program is implemented by regularly introducing English story books to students during NET lessons. During the weekly lessons, students can explore more English books, and practice skills such as predicting and summarizing skills.

Lighthouse textbook

Our school uses Lighthouse textbook as the main teaching materials for students. Relevant materials such as Workbook, Listening, Writing and school-based writing booklets are used to provide sufficient support for student learning.



3. Major Activities


English Drama Team

School English Drama Team can help students who has talent or interest in performance arts to improve their English performance skills, and provide them with opportunities in participating various kinds of events such as Hong Kong School Drama Festival and school graduation show.


Halloween celebration is conducted annually in our school. Students can dress up as their favourite characters, and enjoy related English activities.



English Speech Festival


We always recommend our students to participate in this meaningful event annually. It provides students with great opportunities for showing their talent, and improve their confidence.



Handwriting competition

Handwriting competition is held annually in our school. Students can show their positive attitude in handwriting, and create outstanding works.